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This is a Discount Plan NOT insurance

How is a DISCOUNT PLAN different? 

- No deductible. 

- No waiting period.

- No maximum. Use as much as you want to.

- Discounts range from 20-60% off. For example, you may pay $55 instead of $100 for an exam. 

- You must use a provider who is in network. Here's a link to the provider search

AAA Advanced Benefits Insurance Agency, Dental Insurance, Glenedan Beach, Oregon

Dental health is very important and indicative of overall health.

Get your teethies covered & take advantage of the at least 2 cleanings/year that come with most dental plans. We even have some plans that include 3 cleanings/year!

Hot Tips on Dental Insurance:

- Keep in mind your yearly Maximum Out Of Pocket.  Are you good with $1000/year or do you need more than that?  Do you have a possible cavity, root canal, crown, bridge, or other major work in the future? If so, you may want to choose a plan with a higher or increasing yearly maximum out of pocket. 


- Know what type of plan you are buying.  Do you have to stay in network or can you go to any dentist you choose?  You can save money by choosing a network only plan & making sure to see a dentist in the network.  It's always a good idea to call the dentist & confirm they are in network before setting an appointment. 


- Waiting Period.  Does your plan have a waiting period or not?  Some plans require you to be on the plan for a specified amount of time before giving assistance for certain services so the best time to buy your dental plan is ASAP!



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