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Affordable Medicare Supplements, Advantage Health & Rx Plans, Dental, Chronic & Long Term Care in Oregon

Are you getting the most out of your medical benefits? We help you navigate the maze of plan costs and options. Fortunately, AAA Advanced Benefits is here to help. Are you confused about your various Medicare choices? If you have concerns about your current coverage, or are looking to save money and shop for a new, more affordable plan, call us at AAA Advanced Benefits for quality assistance from independent, knowledgeable advisors. Get free no obligation info now!
Whether you are new to Medicare or a long time beneficiary, we're here to help. We can provide you the information you need to sign up and make good decisions:
  • Free Advice/Comparisons on Affordable Highly Rated Plans
  • Learn about Medicare (Life) Options - Save up to 50% or more
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Medicare Supplements

  • No Networks or Co-pays!
  • Referrals Not Necessary
  • Choose Any Doctor or Specialist Anywhere in the USA who Accepts Medicare!

Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Compare Networks, Co-Pays, Savings
  • Medical or Rx Plans
  • Choose Affordable Local Plans
  • Free Unbiased Quotes

The Oregon Birthday Rule

The Oregon Birthday Rule allows you to change an existing Medicare Supplement plan to another insurer with the same or lesser coverage, without answering any health questions on or around 30 days of your birthday to save a lot of money. We were instrumental in getting this rule passed in Salem, so we can give you the best advice on this and other insurance rules.