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Happy #NationalDogDay !

Happy National Dog Day!

Did you know that studies show having a pet is good for your health?  According to research over the past two decades, having a animal buddy in your life can help reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure. It also can aid in treating depression and motivate more activity.

Office Dog AAA Advanced Benefits Insurance Company Oregon Coast

Meet our AAA Team Member Sandy! He was rescued from a troubling situation and is living out his senior years with us in comfort and style! Many of our clients find Sandy to be a comfort as they discuss their health insurance and savings options with us.

Sandy the Dog at the beach in Lincoln City Oregon

Sandy loves running around our beautiful Lincoln County beaches, even if it means getting sand in his paws!

Lincoln City Beach, Oregon, AAA Advanced Benefits office dog

A little tip, if you're new to the area, D River Beach is a favorite among dog lovers.

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