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Find Top Medicare, Life & Health Plans in coastal areas, Lincoln, Tillamook, Polk County and Rest of Oregon

Put our 35+ years of caring, service and savings to work for you.
We help individuals and seniors find the top Medicare, life and health plans in Lincoln, Tillamook, and other counties around Oregon. Whether you're new to Medicare or other insurance options, or an experienced hand, we guide & help you shop the top options.

Let us help simplify the insurance process for you, and get you the right protection while saving you money and worries. We provide the facts needed to make good decisions, help you navigate the glossy ads & offers made. What are the companies' real rates & claims history? Which provide quality service and which do not? We'll help you choose the right plans with top savings too! We often save folks hundreds of dollars on their insurance coverage.

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Trust AAA Advanced Benefits to keep up with changes and protect your assets with information and the right plans for you in Medicare, health, dental, life insurance, fixed and indexed annuities, IRAs & guaranteed savings plans. Call or contact us to learn your options, and avoid low quality coverage or costly scams. We offer you the top in protection, savings, ethical advice and business practices.
We're a trusted name in the personal insurance industry since 1983, and continue to provide quality advice and affordable health care & related plans in Lincoln & coastal counties, and across Oregon. As independent agents we serve you, first and foremost. Try us and enjoy the difference yourself.

IRAs, Annuities, and Guaranteed Savings

Protect your money and guarantee its safety. Earn interest and bonuses! For information on health care, life insurance, Medicare, annuities, dental coverage, or history of rates and claims on insurance companies, call AAA Advanced Benefits today at 541-764-5155 !

About the Advisors

F. Paco Maribona, CSA
35 year Agent & Owner
"I'm on Medicare & I Care"
Daniel Helfrich, Agent
Veteran, US Marines
Father, Local Volunteer
Annie Maribona, Daughter
Medicare Agent; Volunteer
Works in Portland & Coast
Life insurance is not as expensive as you might think. And the peace of mind is invaluable. #AAAAdvancedBenefits